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25.10.2008 Update

New instant paying site added - Maxptc. You can find more details in other ptc page.

24.10.2008 Update

Another SandraClicks payment proof added. New site with instant payment added - Smithbux you can see all the details in Other PTC page.

12.10.2008 Update

SandraClicks payment proof added.

05.10.2008 Update

PTC sites and scam list updated. Scam sites removed. New payments added.

Site content Update

PTC sites and scam list updated.

Site updated

New sites and payment proof have been added

New hosting and a .net domain for the site

The new url is:

New payment proofs

New payment proofs have been added.

New language have been added.

Hebrew have been added, More languages are in progress.

Scam list

To view the scam list click here

New PTC sites

This was added for u. I will check new sites and post him here,

If they pay me they will move to Paid PTC if not i will open Scam PTC sites

and move those sites there.

To view the New PTC sites section click here

Ads only PTC

To view the Ads only PTC click here

Payment Proofs

To view the payment proofs click here

What is PTC?

If you don't know what is PTC, Click here to find out


New design have been launched, Add new staff to main site:

- menu bar

- updates

- some bugs have been fixed

- ptc sites info added

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